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Productive Week

So, we have moved into our home! Woot! But it is very unfortunate we are all sick from working on the outside in the rain! Boo! So, as I am sitting here with a runny  nose and cough, I bit you farewell, and will continue this tomorrow, because, you know, I am cool like that.


Today has started off pretty good. I woke up pretty early. Got a lot done. I get to move possibly this coming weekend! Woot! So prepared to move out of this apartment. It seems as though my neighbours downstairs are allowed to make noise whenever, but if my daughter just happens to make a noise, or run across the floor to get a toy, they bang on the ceiling. I cannot stand them at all. I find it hilarious they won’t actually confront me, they walk around me if we happen to run into each other, and not the causal no eye contact. They walk a few feet to the other side of the side walk. So dramatic, I swear. So, if you live in an apartment, the best advice I can give you, is that people are going to make noise. This is not your own personal property, it is basically a bigger motel room, where you put your own stuff. If you want peace and quiet, rent a house, or go buy one. Try not to harass your neighbours. Especially if they live above you. Sometimes, they cannot help that you hear them. You may pay 700.00 a month for a small two bedroom apartment, but you are in a very, very cheaply made apartment. Now if your neighbours blare music all the time, day and night, stomp, and rough house all day long, I can understand where you would get irritated, but when you hear a noise every now and again. Leave it a lone. Unlike my neighbours downstairs. Well, I need to try and get lunch started! ^_^ It is nice writing to myself, and to you.

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